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What in the world is an Aprium?

June 2, 2016

We took a mommy apricot and a daddy plum to get a beautiful offspring called an Aprium. 75% Apricot and 25% plum. Apriums get their juices from the plum side of the family and the taste from the Apricot. With summer being around the corner these apriums will lighten a summer salad with its bright and tart flavor.
Let me tell you a little bit about what the heck an aprium is. Apriums resemble the look and size of an apricot and get the rose hue from the plum side of the family. It has some cute little translucent apricot fuzz over the flesh. The flavor starts out bright and sweet then finishes tart. Apriums are considered a "climacteric fruit", meaning it ripens after being picked, so no worries if you get them a little under-ripe. After all they say good things get better with age.
Share a plate of apriums with their cousin stone fruits peach, nectarine, and/or cherry.
It also pairs well with:
-cardamon, pistachio, pepitas, marcona almonds, hazelnut
-lavendar, cayenne, vanilla, lemon, orange
-mascarpone, burrata, chevre
-white chocolate, yogurt, honey, egg custards
Apriums can be made into jam, ice cream and gelato. 
These delicious fruits are only here for a short period of time so get them while they are at their peak season. You can tell us what side of the family these apriums taste more like.
P.S. Watch out for the rest of the fam like pluots, plumcots, and apriplums. 


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