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The miles from vendor to each of our warehouses are color coded & specified below:
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By literally marrying their backgrounds, Jim’s love for farming with Angel’s culinary skills, the Kings are continuing to build on the foundation laid for them by past generations. And by extending their family farm operation to include cheese production in 2008, they took a major step toward sustaining Ohio's agricultural economy and promoting farming as a way of life for future generations. Blue Jacket Dairy is named after the nearby Blue Jacket Creek. Learn More <<

166 mi62 mi55 mi



Lucky Penny Farm is a special place where art, agriculture and family intersect. Abbe is dedicated to food, family, living simply and sustainably and using her hands for good work: in the kitchen, in the garden, in the studio and in our community. Currently, Abbe makes artisan cheese, produces a delicious caramel sauce, Cajeta, and tries to grow an increasing amount of food for you to put on your table. Learn More <<

 33 mi137 mi207 mi



Miceli’s was born out of a Model-T with a young John Miceli supplying cheese to local Italian families and corner stores in Cleveland. It has grown into Miceli Dairy Products Company, Inc.; a nationally recognized leader in the Italian Cheese industry.

Driven by the values of hard work, discipline and a commitment to continuous improvement, the Miceli family has earned a place of prominence in the Italian cheese market.  As an industry leader in the production of Ricotta cheese, Miceli's prides itself in product innovation, while remaining true to old world authentic craftsmanship in cheese production. Learn More <<

 6 mi143 mi212 mi



Located in Columbus, Ohio, Pasta Ditoni's provides gourmet pasta to some of the finest restaurants in Ohio. Their unique recipes and fresh ingredients will leave your mouth wanting more. After 21 years in business of mixing and matching locally sourced vegetables, imported cheeses and spices, with the highest quality cuts of meat and seafood, they've discovered the perfect combination of ingredients in each of their distinctive gourmet pasta creations. Learn More <<

 140 mi3 mi74 mi




At Snowville Creamery in Pomeroy, Ohio, the cows graze in pasture all year long and the grasses that are in season affect the flavor of the milk.  Winter milk from Snowville may taste of hay; spring milk of dandelions.  Morning milk even tastes different from evening milk!   Warren Taylor, owner of Snowville, believes that milk is perfect when it comes from the cow, so he processes his milk as minimally as possible.  Snowville Creamery milk is bottled on the farm the same day the cows are milked and delivered the very next day to bring customers the freshest product possible. Learn More <<

219 mi99 mi136 mi




Stein's Honey began in 1998 with one hive in their backyard to pollinate some apple trees.  The one hive swarmed in 1999 and became two. They then started to extract the excess honey from the hives and began giving it to friends and family. They loved the fresh honey and so they decided to sell the extra in a family member farm market. The honey was such a hit that they could not bottle it fast enough. In 2000 they branched out to some local grocery stores and added some hives, (about 50). Eating local honey from the area you live has also proven to help people relieve their allergy problems. Learn More <<

54 mi106 mi176 mi




Kokoborrego began producing cheese from raw sheep and cow milk in 2011. Their sheep milk has always come from their own farm, Sippel Family Farm. They were the first ODA licensed sheep dairy and creamery in the state of Ohio. Their cow milk has always come from their friends 2 miles down the road at Ruhl Family Farm. Ed and Marvin Ruhl have been producing high quality milk from a mixed herd of cows for decades, perfect for their cheese!
Learn More <<

94 mi50 mi119 mi




Libby's Gourmet Desserts is a well established, family owned and operated  business. They produce the highest quality gourmet desserts with the finest Ingredients. Their commitment to producing the freshest and most delectable cakes, pies and cheesecakes has earned Libby's Gourmet Desserts the reputation as one of the region's premier dessert companies.
Learn More <<

241 mi112 mi48 mi

904 Woodley Rd
Dayton, OH 45403
Phone: 800-782-4749
3882 Agler Rd
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 855-476-7761
4500 Willow Pkwy
Cleveland, OH 44125
Phone: 800-229-5517
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