Product Technical & Compliance Manager

The Product Technical and Compliance Manager is responsible for ensuring inventory integrity and compliance with company processes and procedures. The PTCM serves as the warehouse management system (WMS) and software expert.

Key performance objectives for the primary PTCM in order of priority with projected time allocation are:

Time Allocation

Inventory Control Process Management


Quality Control/Assurance Process Management


Process/Procedure Design & Compliance


Database Administration


Problem Resolution / Root Cause Analysis


Training and Employee Development


Note: Ten percent of time is reserved for ancillary responsibilities, unplanned events and interruptions.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: The responsibilities listed are fundamental to the position and must be performed successfully to achieve the key performance objectives of the role. Other responsibilities may be assigned.


Inventory Control

  • Coordinate the weekly and end of month physical inventory of all 3 distribution facilities (DCs)
  • Report and verify physical inventory and inventory adjustment results.
  • Seek root cause of excessive inventory adjustments within the company.

Quality Control / Assurance

  • Ensure that inbound freight/product is thoroughly inspected for quality and condition defects.
  • Work interdepartmentally to determine if product can be distributed to the company’s customers.
  • Train quality team members about the products and commodities defects and specific tolerance limits.

Process Design & Compliance

  • Process design for each step within operations to determine standard workflow and productivity standards.
  • Ensure that assigned work is carried out by operations associates utilizing established process and procedure.
  • Identify process breakdown and modify process or train employees to prevent recurrence of defect.

Database Administration

  • Assist other departments with WMS and software challenges and solutions
  • Determine root cause of customer failure and take software, process, or training measures to reduce the risk of recurrence.

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