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The Story of ProduceOne

In 1948, Mush & Sons, Inc. started by four brothers in the basement of the Pavlofsky family grocery store. The company provided fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to customers. In 1989, after returning from college, brothers, Gary and Erv Pavlofsky bought Mush & Sons from the last of the four founding brothers and became 3rd generation owners. After a series of acquisitions, the name evolved to ProduceOne to reflect the goal of growing the company into a regional provider. Together, they grew the business from a family-owned local produce company in Dayton into one of the largest produce providers in the state of Ohio.

Gary Pavlofsky (L) and Ervin Pavlofsky (C) at the Mush & Sons, Inc. warehouse.

The Story of Premier Produce

Tony Anselmo is part of one of the most notable families of the historical West Side Market. A chance meeting at The Northern Ohio Food Terminal between Tony and Anthony Rossi led to a friendship and support of each other's individual businesses. Eventually, they realized it made more sense to work as a team, so they formed Premier Produce and Specialty Foods in the late 90’s. From the beginning, Rossi and Anselmo built their business on a foundation of trust with their customers. After 16 years together they earned a reputation for superior quality and a commitment to excellent service throughout the greater Cleveland area, a city that has received national attention for their dynamic and booming culinary scene.

Tony Anselmo (L) and his father Nate (R) at the Westside Market

Anthony Rossi (L) & Tony Anselmo (R) at Premier ProduceOne's Cleveland warehouse

How we became Premier ProduceOne

In 2009, these four business owners collectively met and immediately saw an opportunity to learn from each other, share resources and collaborate to better their offerings to buyers, chefs and restaurateurs. In 2011, they began a strategic partnership aimed at advancing the company’s mission of statewide coverage and in 2013, they officially merged to form Premier ProduceOne. Today, Premier ProduceOne is led by Gary  and Ervin Pavlofsky (ProduceOne) and Tony Anselmo and Anthony Rossi (Premier Produce & Specialty Foods).

Premier ProduceOne is a produce and specialty foods distribution company servicing all of Ohio and adjacent counties in Indiana, Kentucky & West Virginia.  Premier ProduceOne was created by merging two well-established companies: ProduceOne and Premier Produce & Specialty Foods.  By integrating these two companies, we established an organization committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional service. We are driven to become Ohio’s leading provider of fresh produce, domestic and imported specialty and gourmet foods, plus other fine products. 

Whatever you may be looking for, from exclusive cheeses and oils, to the highest quality produce, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with exceptional quality, value, strong relationships and trust. We have state-of-the-art facilities in Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton. We strive daily to deliver the best and settle for nothing less because we know our customers do the same for their customers. We take great pride in the products we offer, the team we employ and the state we serve. 

Left to Right: Ervin Pavlofsky, Tony Anselmo, Anthony Rossi & Gary Pavlofsky

904 Woodley Rd
Dayton, OH 45403
Phone: 800-782-4749
3882 Agler Rd
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 855-476-7761
4500 Willow Pkwy
Cleveland, OH 44125
Phone: 800-229-5517
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