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Crickets, bootleggers and sexy veggies; 5 things I learned this week
October 24, 2014 @ 8:55 am
Allow me to get my super food geek on here in this post. I’m still happily reeling from the two days I spent this week at a conference called Roots: Connect and United Through Food. At this annual event, chefs, food purveyors and writers convened at the Culinary Vegetable Institute, the educational…

October 23, 2014 @ 7:00 am
A few fun facts about our VP of finance, Jeanie Hargrove. 1. What TV show do you never miss? The Blacklist 2. Last meal on Earth? Bratwurst from Sheboygan (it's where my dad grew up) 3. Favorite movie of all time? Always 4. Best piece of advice you've ever received? Always look at the bright side! 5. If you could hop on a plane tomorrow to go anywhere, where are you heading? Italy, where my maternal grandparents were born and raised.

NEW ITEM! Kale Lollipops. Yep. You read it right.

NEW ITEM! Kale Lollipops. Yep. You read it right.
November 14, 2012

Kale Lollipops are a cross between Red Kale and Brussel Sprouts!

Item # 20677

Approx. 200-250 sprouts per case

Limited Supply!


Lollipop Kale

904 Woodley Rd
Dayton, OH 45403
Phone: 800-782-4749
3882 Agler Rd
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 855-476-7761
4500 Willow Pkwy
Cleveland, OH 44125
Phone: 800-229-5517
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