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9 Ingredients Chefs are Obsessed With
February 26, 2015 @ 2:04 pm
While the world at large is still obsessed with bacon, kale and all things avocado, chefs have moved on to fixate on other foods. Here, nine of today's chef obsessions. Green...

Chef Jonathon Sawyer on opening Noodlecat Columbus
February 24, 2015 @ 3:03 pm
Jonathon Sawyer is a tease. For years it seems the Cleveland chef has been taunting Columbus diners with hints of a southern expansion: He did a pop-up at Double Happiness; he partners with Middle West Spirits on a line of culinary vinegars; rumors have long flown about which empty spaces he’d toure…

Premier ProduceOne has become the leader in servicing the needs of chefs at over 300 fine restaurants, colleges, caterers, hotels, and all of Ohio's sporting venues. Daily Premier ProduceOne trucks travel throughout Ohio delivering the freshest produce in town. Whether it is organic, baby, micro, mini, conventional, exotic, ethnic, processed, juiced, pureed, or just your basic potato, we have it. When celebrity chefs visit from abroad or publications need picture perfect produce, Premier ProduceOne is called upon to fill their needs. Whether it is a small 25 seat restaurant or an 80,000 seat stadium we fill those demands.

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